an alternative to conventional bead blasting

the photo below shows just how effectively and precisely that texture can be applied to tubular products. this laser based, non-contact process offers the following advantages:
  • no media used
  • no post-cleaning required
  • selective areas without masking
  • precise placement on curved or flat surfaces
  • computer controlled surface finish
  • ideal for high-volume, tubular components
  • ideal for parts to be insert molded

the fact that there is no media involved and no post cleaning required allows nle to offer this service at pricing that is even competitive to in-house bead blasting. high volume tubular components can often be selectively textured for less than $0.10 each.

please contact nle with your application to see if the ™ process is right for your product. if your volumes are extremely large, nle can integrate a system into your facility, saving you countless hours of masking and cleaning, as well as the expense and clean up associated with blasting media.

remember, nle is your one stop source for laser marking and engraving, laser welding, electropolishing and passivating, and now ™.

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